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Cavalcante is located in the north of the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, between Santana mountain range and the Nova Aurora one. During the north Goias separatist movement, the city was the capital of a temporary government, in September 14th, 1821. In November 11th, there was created by a province law, the county. 

For those who are looking for cultural and historical values, there exist more then 100 archaeologic places in the region and about 20 Kalungas people native communities. Good examples of the county historical-cultural richness are the ruins of what had been São Felix de Cantalicia city. During the crystals extraction this city had more then 200 residences and sumptuous churches. Unfortunately a hydroelectric complex will inundate this preciousity.

The county economy is mainly based in cattle breeding and gold and manganese extraction. But the city has a new tendency: the tourism. Ironically, the simplicity of it’s population life and the gold absence, what brought the weakness of the seekers movement; preserved it’s rivers, waterfalls, fields, cerrados, hills and rocks, conserving the scenery of rare beauty and diversity. Cavalcante has many unequal waterfalls, thermal waters, viewpoints and mountain ranges, old stones ways made by slavers in the XVIII century and horses trails, beside many traditional parties in the city, as well as in the country side.

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