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São Jorge Village

The region has tried in it’s population process, basically two cycles: Crystal extraction and ecotourism.

In the beginning of the century got started the demand by quartz crystals, bringing thousands of seekers from Bahia (another Brazilian state). The abundant occurrence of this mineral in the west Chapada dos Veadeiros created many extraction points, and the São Jorge was the most significant one, there where about 2.000 people living there at that time.

With the end of the Second World War and the invention of the artificial crystal, used in the radiocomunications, started the decadence of the crystal extraction. After Brasilia’s construction and the creation of the National Park, the local people got into a stagnation process unil the discovery of the Park natural attractives, when they’ve started a new social-economic activities cycle: the ecotourism. 

The role São Jorge community, today a district of Alto Paraiso, have it economic activities linked with the ecotourism, working in many different areas: guidance, hotels, restaurants…

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