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Chapada dos Veadeiros is a mesa of 4.492 square kilometers, located on the highest part of the Brazilian Central Plateau; geologically, the oldest part of the continent. It is formed by mountain ranges, hills, fields, flatlands, grasslands, tablelands, moorlands, meadows, pastures and valleys, holding some of the last sources of unpolluted water on the planet.

 The beauty of its landscape, embellished with waterfalls, sparkling natural swimming pools, amazing canyons and fantastic gorges (some of them 700 m high), makes this site an ideal place for traveling, hiking, rappel, camping, cascading and other outdoor activities.

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» Expeditions
Trekking - 8 days
Biking - 8 days
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Highlights - Short - 3Days
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» Adventure Activities
Rapelling in the Waterfall
Zip Line - 850m

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