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The first humans to cross this region were the nomadic Indian tribes of the Avá Canoeiros and Crixás that came to the mountains hunting game and built temporary shelters here.

 Around 1730, the first Bandeirantes (Brazilian first colonial explorers) arrived here, looking for the Anhanguera expedition. They mined gold from the streams and settled the first local villages. They usually broght with them slaves, that soon would run away to the valleys, between mountains, where they established communities that remain isolated.   Those are the Kalunga people from the north of Cavalcante County.

 The evolution of Chapada´s eventual occupation went on.

 The founding of Mr. Francisco de Almeida’s Veadeiros Farm, in 1750, became an important factor for the future colonization, but nothing remarkable happened in this bucolic scenery from the declining of the gold mining era (1780) to the end of the nineteenth Century.  

Only in 1892 a fact announced significant transformations in the geographic, political and social life of the whole Brazilian central region. It was the arrival of the Comissão de Exploradores do Planalto Central (Central Mesa Explorers Commission), leaded by Luiz Crulz and constituted by many researchers focusing the delimitation of the area for the future Brazilian capital.

In September 1926, Julio Prestes and its expedition crossed this Chapada.

 Brasilia’s inauguration in 1960, as the new Federal Capital, the whole region started to reflect the deep changes produced by this fact.

 In 1980 two important projects changed the region to its current feature: the Alto Paraiso and Rumo ao Sol Projects. The first one was a governmental project looking to develop the tourism in this region by setting urban facilities such as hotels, an airport, roads, and so on, as well as fruits production, creating a regional development pole in the Goianian northeast. The second one, had as a goal the setting and development of alternative communities, based on naturalistic and mystic concepts. This last project attracted the first large amount of settlers to the region from all over the country. The development of eco-tourism as economic activity is a latter event. And so, from the time of the first explorers to the current days the Chapada do Veadeiros and the its Communities, have been experimenting many political, social and economical changes.

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