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National Park

Chapada  dos Veadeiros National Park has in it’s protected area a large amount of what lasts from the native fauna, altitude Cerrado endemic species, and Rio Preto (black River) influenced area. This river is the natural divisor of the counties of Alto Paraiso and Cavalcante and forms in it’s course the canyons 1 and 2, the Cariocas waterfall and the Garimpão Waterfalls: known as Salto 1  (80m high) and Salto 2 (120m high), those two are the only National Park attractives allowed to be visited.

 The National Park was created on January 1st, 1961; by the Brazilian president Juscelino Kubitschek, and received the name of Tocantins National Park. During the 70’s and the 80’s it suffered two drastic reductions, lasting only 10% of it’s original area.

 In 1991, IBAMA (Brazilian Environment Institute) and the local community fixed a visitation system that became a national model. Local guides were trained, turning necessary to contract a guide for the visitation of the National Park attractives; doing that, the guides are able to guarantee their survive as well as they take care of the maintenance of the conservation unity and control the visitation flux. Now a days, there are two local guides associations that organize their job and maintain their partnership accord with IBAMA, as well as the guides recycle and trainees programs: ACVCV e Servitur.


» Expeditions
Trekking - 8 days
Biking - 8 days
» HighLights
Highlights - Short - 3Days
Highlights - 4Days
Highlights - 5Days
» Adventure Activities
Rapelling in the Waterfall
Zip Line - 850m

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